I haven't set foot on Antarctica nor on the moon, though I don't have aspirations to visit the latter. I was fortunate enough to travel to places all over the world, see beautiful landscapes and cities, and meet people from different backgrounds. Backgrounds ranging from the Middle East to Europe, and from Asia to the Americas. During my work I have flown across the planet and I feel lucky that I've visited all of the seven new wonders of the world. Many other places are still on my travel list, such as: Svalbard, South-Africa, Bora Bora, Morocco, the stans, and New Zealand to name a few… Next to travel I love taking photos, and it is the combination of travel and photography that really gets my blood flowing. I've taken thousands of photos during my traveling and at home. Any day that I can make a time-lapse, take a nice 'bokeh' photo or take a photo of a landscape is a good day for me. I have a big soft-spot for low-light photography; there is something about capturing something that is hard to capture that is deeply satisfying to me. Be it the stars, the aurora borealis, or a band performing in a bar, I love pushing the limits of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. The same holds for my job; I see it as a challenge to measure a certain quantity in an experiment, pushing the frame-rates, the magnifications, and the timings. I love capturing something in a way no one else did before, and then share it with others.

Let's be friends, let's discover, let's capture, let's share, better still, let's combine all of them
(and go to Antarctica)


I was born in a small city in the north of The Netherlands called Sneek, and grew up in the nearby town Bolsward. At an early age I already liked technical stuff: Lego, electronics, math problems, computers… During high school my main interest was in the exact sciences: physics, math, and chemistry. I moved to the east of the country to pursue my study of physics. I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Physics, at the University of Twente. To gain experience, I did an internship in Toulouse (France) at the IMFT. In September 2014 I received my PhD (Cum Laude, download) in the Physics of Fluids group at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. I did a PostDoc at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France on the Lagrangian dynamics of particles in the Lagrangian Exploration Module (LEM). Currently I'm an associate professor in the Physics of Fluids groups at the University of Twente.

You can find my PhD thesis here.

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University of Twente
Faculty Science and Technology
Physics of Fluids
Building MEANDER (27)
P.O. Box 217
7500AE Enschede
The Netherlands